5 ways to keep your children occupied whilst you work

5 ways to keep your children occupied whilst you workAs much as I love having the kids at home during the summer holidays, there are still times I really need to concentrate and get my work done. But what can I do with the children to keep them occupied whilst I get things done?

Here are 5 different activities you can set up to keep your kids occupied for a while you get things done.

Dens. Find out some old sheets, cushions and blankets and create a den for the kids. Another great way is use the cushions from a settee to create a den, my kids always love this. They can have a big one for all of them or if, like mine, they want their own ‘houses’, create individual ones.

Treasure Hunt. This does take some planning ahead but will keep them occupied for ages! Hide some objects, sweets or snacks around your house or garden (weather dependent) and then create some clues or pictures (for non-readers) and get them to find all the objects. This will keep them busy for at least an hour!

Playdough/Clay. This is an all time favorite in our house and keeps them busy for ages. Set up a table with cutters, rolling pins and shapes and get the kids to create food, models or animals or whatever they can come up with.

Board games. If you children are a bit older, board games are a great way to keep them out of your hair. There are a lot of great educational games around that are not only fun but will help keep their brains active whilst they are not at school.

Junk Modelling. Raid your recycling bin and set up a table with boxes, toilet rolls, paint, glue, tin foil and paper and let your children’s imaginations run wild. It may be a bit messy and give you more cleaning to do after but it will be worth it to get that important piece of work done without interruption.

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    Some great ideas! I was so surprised when I went to a business meeting at a colleagues house and she said her son and his friend would be there. Turns out they’re in “big school” and totally able to entertain themselves all day. Saw light at the end of the tunnel, but also sad that these days of needing to constantly entertain them are short lived


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