Get your kids involved in your business this summer!

Get your kids involved in your business this summer!Yes you read that right, have you not yet thought that your children can actually get involved in helping you run your business?

What your children can actually do to help you in your business will of course depend on their age, but even preschoolers can help you by posting mail, collecting delivered mail and fetching items from around your office!

As your children get older, you may actually find that they really want to get involved in helping you with your business. It is a great way to show them what you do and encourage their entrepreneurial abilities for when they are older.

Set tasks that they can manage as if you set them something that they will struggle to do, they will get frustrated and this may put them off helping you in the future.This will also open up multiple opportunities to praise and encourage your children.

If you have school-aged children, great jobs you can get them to help with are stuffing envelopes, running small errands around the home and if you have a business aimed at children, they’d make great product testers too.

For the tweens to teens, answering the phone, filing and replying to non-important emails are all great jobs they’d love to help out with. Also if you have a business where you make things, add them as part of the production line! Through getting them involved, they will understand the amount of work it takes to run a business and why you cannot always help them at the drop of a hat.

So how could you get your kids involved in your business this summer?


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    My Girls help with packaging of the orders, they love to read the labels and find out where they are going to. The youngest one likes to stick on labels and the elder ones helps to weigh parcels and checks postage. It does sometimes take longer if they help but at least they aren’t watching TV !

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